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Want to keep ahead of the game? Find out the social media trends of 2017 and how they apply to you.

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We all like to stay ahead of the game, if you have a small business you might attempt to predict certain ebs and flows, what your competitors will do next or even which toy will be the next big Christmas ‘must have’. Like all of the above, Social Media trends are hugely influential to the modern small business – here are some highlights of what has been happening in 2016 and what to look out for in 2017.


2016 Launches:

Market Place – discover, buy or sell items to people in your community.

Instant Articles – articles that load up 10 times faster than on the web.

Facebook – be your own movie maker, broadcast to your community where or whenever you want.

2017 Social Media Trends:

Growth in search – up from 1.5 billion to 2 billion per day. To put this in perspective, Google being the largest gets 3.5 billion searches per day. This is huge news for small business using Facebook to get your brand out there.



2016 Launches:

Business Tools – New business profiles and ability to create adds directly from Instagram mobile.

Now owned by Facebook. Instagram has hit 500 million monthly users in 2016.

2017 Social Media Trends:

Getting serious about business, 3 key areas from ‘Business Tools’ – stand out, get insights and new customers. It will likely continue to evolve throughout the year.




Vurb – helps consumers find local things to do and lets them save their ideas. This is a key opportunity for small businesses to tap into their core local consumers.

2017 Social Media Trends:

We’ll see Snapchat continue it’s focus on adds, enhancing targeting and analytics for it’s advertisers.



2016 Launches:

Customer support – more efficient ways for businesses to provide service to customers.

2017 Social Media Trends:

Live content/video – great opportunity for ads and real time content. This could be a fantastic way to communicate to your community while on the move getting ‘off the cuff’ content out there during you’re daily routine.


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