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How to Further your Small Business with Social Media

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Running a small business?

Whether you want to increase your website traffic, advertise or create customer loyalty, a well managed social media platform is imperative to the success of your small business, in what is now the digital age. It is amazing what can be achieved with a small investment of time building a focus around your brand, this can be locally or nationally depending on the¬†level of your ambition. Which platform? There are a plethora of different social media outlets to choose from. Facebook is the largest and a colossal 60% of the UK have an account – setting up a Facebook business page with constant updated quality content will only serve to instil a buzz and loyalty around your brand. Instagram revealed it had 14 million monthly users in 2015 and they now have a self-serve ad platform allowing businesses to run adverts through Facebook. There is also Twitter with 15 million UK users in 2013 and if you wanted to target other businesses then you might select LinkedIn who achieve 60 million views every month. Your demographic will have a large bearing on which platform you would use for your business – for example, Pinterest is 90% female so if you own a women’s clothing boutique then that would be a good focus for you. Absolutely any type of business can reap huge rewards from a savvy and well run social media campaign.

Ok, you may say, “I don’t have the time!” or “I don’t have the expertise!” – this can be easily overcome by getting someone to manage it for you – believe me the exposure and extra revenue will far outweigh the initial/monthly outgoing. I am a huge advocat of small business and I’m passionate about seeing them succeed – affordability is key but can you afford to be left out? If having the right brand presence in the market place gains you a 5% increase in¬†revenue each month then it quickly becomes a no-brainer.


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