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How to deal with negative reviews on your Facebook business page.

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As a consumer one of the main things you look for when you are shopping, eating out or even buying online is good service. As a business your main attribute is your ability to create the very pinacle of a welcoming atmosphere that will entice your customers back, again and again. To create this you have to include exemplary knowledge and service, a good product and an honest, timely implementation. You may have these assets in abundance but unfortunately you will always have certain reviews that can threaten your business.

A small business’s reputation is intrinsic to its success. It can take years to build and yet only minutes to destroy, that’s why it is so important to manage any negative reviews concisely and in a proffessional manner. Arguably the most important thing to do is to respond to the review quickly, dealing with any complaints on an individual basis – these could be anything from a lacklustre sales assistant, charging the wrong amount, sending the wrong product, faulty product or it might be that the customer is just having a bad day – what ever it is, getting to the bottom of the issue and placating the customer is imperative to maintaining that great reputation.

I have attached a link to an article which gives a few tips on how to deal with a negetive review be it constructive or fake (Yes! That’s right you do get fake reviews). There are ways to report the fake reviews and you have the choice to remove the bad ones – all of which is explained in the article.


No one knows it all and we can always learn from eachother – I’m always interested in your thoughts, so if you have any new ideas or stories you would like to share please leave a comment.

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